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No Boundaries

When we say no boundaries we really mean “no boundaries.” Over the last 24 months the global nature of our clientele has increased significantly. Whilst the prepaid debit card market is maturing in the US, in Latin America, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Asia Pacific the concept of prepaid is undergoing a revolution as corporate organisations realise the process management improvements and value propositions that prepaid debit cards can bring to their internal processes and customer bases. It is one thing to make a statement about quality, innovation and expertise but the litmus test always comes down to “delivering.”


Africa and the Middle East still represents one of the most challenging regions. With over 60 countries, 11 times zones and over 80 official languages, means that a critical aspect of card deployment is ongoing intimacy with the linguistic, regulatory and cultural environment of the region. We are working with one of largest banks in Africa and have facilitated the implementation of a significant major debit card program for their account holder base of over 1 million account holders. Utilising our payment processing relationships we are providing consultancy during the development of this project by providing program management and marshalling adjunct resources including card production and the provision of financial kiosks, point of sale terminals and telecommunication support.


Across Europe we have facilitated the implementation of card programs for a growing number of credit unions to facilitate the cost effective disbursement of funds to members based across varying European territories. Credit Unions are member-owned cooperative financial institutions that provide many of the same financial services that banks do such as savings accounts and small loans. However many do not have the infrastructure or financial size to develop their own debit card platforms. A major premise of our value offering is the ability to take such projects to our banking partners who then provide the infrastructure and support for the debit card program to function as a standard offering within the union.


There is a need in the First Nation’s community for a product that solves the current dilemma of immediate, secure, efficient and cost effective way to disperse funds. Many first nation bands are mired in endless administration that stems from paper cheques. CCS Prepay working with our partners in Canada, has facilitated the construction of a card program to streamline the bi-weekly and monthly disbursement of Canadian government issued funds to native communities from various Canadian tribes. These payments are for established treaties, land claims, welfare and oil revenues.


CCS Prepay is working with a UK vehicle management organisation focused on insurance and financial services linked with real-time management of remote assets to provide an affinity based chip and pin prepaid debit fuel card. This project will help to reduce incorrect fuel usage in fleet cars and know the actual business costs per mile by reporting back transaction data on fuel station locations, fuel price fluxing and average fuel costs.


Working with our partner for Asia Pacific we are cultivating the development of several prepaid travel money debit card programs for a number of travel companies, a radio frequency debit card program requirement for a major government program as well as the provision of a significant number of closed loop and open loop retail gift card programs for the Australian market. All of these programs will be issued by our Australian authorised issuing member bank to ensure the programs are denominated in local currency.


Through our partner in Israel we are assisting in providing a debit card program for the thousands of Israeli students, foreign workers and business persons who frequently travel to and from Israel. With an existing call centre unit in Israel providing customer support in both English and Hebrew this program is an example of how we are pushing back the frontiers and boundaries of prepaid debit card application.


We are working with an offshore business process outsourcing service with over 100,000 freelance and corporate programmers world- wide to provide an international debit card program which functions as a payout solution for their wages for various contract work.


Electronic payment requirements are blurring geographical boundaries as the world becomes an ever increasing global village where information, data and technology permeates and travels through physical walls, lands and oceans. At CCS Prepay we are riding on the wave of this significant opportunity to better serve our clients regardless of their geographical location and help facilitate solutions that provide commercial incentives and business process improvement for our clients and significant value proposition for the card holder.