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Co-Branded Card Program


Are you a company with a large base of identifiable customers, whom can be reached through database mining or do you operate merchant outlets with a high traffic of customers? White label-branding could help you increase revenues, grow your market share, build customer loyalty and make a lasting impression around the world. As a Member Service Provider, CCS Prepay facilitates the design of co-branded schemes for clients seeking an innovative way to provide enhanced value to their customer base or membership.


  • Build incremental sales from your best customers while giving new or infrequent customers a new reason to buy your products or shop at your stores.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty by offering a value-added incentive to buy your company’s product or service. Co-branding enables your customers to earn rewards faster by making purchases outside of your store too. Plus, you learn more about your customers’ total spending behavior, by seeing all their purchases.
  • Increase brand awareness with rewards that encourage customers to use your co-branded card more often. Enhance your corporate image every time your card is used.
  • Fully customized portal with your company branding.
  • Get help identifying customers and marketing your business. Use the buying behavior of your customers to target new products and services and to deliver more effective sales promotions.
  • Build a valuable banking relationship with your card issuer.
  • Save money compared to issuing your own credit card. You don’t pay costs for processing payments and extending credit.
  • Capitalise on the cost savings generated by having a white label program instead of paying to issue your own credit card. You don’t pay any costs for processing payments and extending credit.
  • Access to a portal for card management and loading.
  • 24/7 Banking Support.
  • Competitive program set up fees.