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As an organisation you may wish for a speedier route to market for card program implementation and so the white label process (12-14 week process) may not be conducive to your aggressive launch requirements or the requirement for your own card design may not be as critical as the need to have a program in place rapidly. CCS Prepay is able to facilitate off the shelf generic card schemes which allow you to immediately launch a card program to facilitate the disbursements to your customers or members. Within a 30 day development window you will be able to leverage off an existing platform infrastructure with neutral branding to meet your route to market and launch strategy.


  • The program will be up live and running within 30 days
  • Your company name will appear on the forth line(Bottom left corner) of the card
  • Increase brand awareness with rewards that encourage customers to use your co-branded card more often.
  • Enhance your corporate image every time your card is used.
  • Get help identifying customers and marketing your business.
  • Use the buying behaviour of your customers to target new products and services and to deliver more effective sales promotions.
  • Build a valuable banking relationship with your card issuer.
  • 24/7 Banking Support.
  • Access to a portal for card management and loading.
  • Low program set up costs providing minimal investment for new market entrants.
  • International card program.
  • Available in major currencies.
  • Instant issuance available.