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Digital Currency

Our bespoke service allows for easy transition between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and a range of traditional fiat currencies quickly and easily with low fees.

Cryptocurrencies, in particular by far the most prominent Bitcoin, have established a broad user base in a very short time. In particular, in areas of financial instability, such as Greece, the worth of the digital currency industry to combat punitive restrictions on fiat money use has proved to be invaluable to people. The growth in the industry itself has been phenomenal, but for any organization within the industry, the biggest challenge has always been translating a digital currency, whether that is Bitcoin or something else, into the physical world to be used for funding everyday life. There are still relatively few places that accept Bitcoin as a payment for goods or services, and while that is changing it remains a problem.
We believe that our International Prepaid Visa/MasterCard Program provides the best solution available today to overcome those challenges. Our comprehensive solution provides significant benefits to both our clients and their customers, with instant fund transfers around the world and reduced exchange costs ensuring a cost effective solution for all clients. Customers benefit through faster transfers, funds are loaded in real time, as well as the convenience of the Visa/MasterCard infrastructure allowing payments to be made anywhere they are accepted. In addition, withdrawals in local currencies can be made at any affiliated ATM machine for the complete service.
With corporate branding and a range of currencies available, our card solution enhances digital currency services by providing a comprehensive end user experience that quickly exchanges cryptocurrency funds into fiat currency for use everywhere.




Keep control of payroll and expense management with this highly efficient service. Available in a range of currencies it provides a complete, global solution.

Keeping control of both the management and costs associated with payroll and expenses for a global workforce can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes today. The connected world means that even small businesses can have workers right across the world, covering not just different nationalities but also a variety of currencies. To enable a cost efficient solution to this problem our corporate prepaid card service has been developed to meet those challenges, both in terms of cost and management control.

These flexible card solutions can be issued in either Sterling, Euro or US Dollar currencies, offering a viable route to savings from traditional currency exchange charges when adding funds to cards around the world. There are many advantages for recipients as well, the immediacy of the transfer ensures funds are delivered instantly and allow flexible use of those funds. Accepted at millions of outlets and with withdrawals available through local ATM machines, the card solution offers an easy to use system that workers will prove beneficial to all.

Cards can be issued and the system introduced through a process improvement exercise, efficiency action or based upon the benefit of instant fund transfer, while our comprehensive solution includes a complete digital management system to ensure smooth rollout and effective operation. This includes the ability to customise transaction fees as required, which can make the whole solution generate revenue should that be desired.

A highly flexible solution that can adapt to any requirements, whether you are an SME or a large multinational.



Using an international prepaid Visa or MasterCard program for global client pay-outs can bring significant cost savings by avoiding traditional currency transaction costs for international payments.

Thousands of trading organizations could save significant revenue on a monthly basis by simply utilising an International Prepaid Visa/MasterCard Program for disbursements to their globally positioned clients. Whereas typically such organizations would struggle for international low cost instant payout methods, payouts to a prepaid card can be as low as $0.50 or less depending on the level of transaction volume. The cost can be absorbed by the client.
By paying winnings, commissions, prizes or expense claims onto the card, the card holder can then access their funds through any ATM, over the counter through any Visa/MasterCard bank or keep the funds on their card for usage at any retail or online location where Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Furthermore the prepaid card can be loaded in real-time providing instant gratification.



Managing pay-outs to a global client base is a challenge for MLM and affiliate programs. Our International prepaid cards offer significantly reduced fees and ease of use for clients.

MLM and affiliate programs have proved to be incredibly popular all over the world, however the key with any such program’s longevity and success is the ability of participants and affiliates to access their funds, easily and quickly. This has long been an issue for businesses large and small, and especially today where those expecting funds can be located in almost any country on the planet.

Today we bring a solution that meets the needs of MLM and Affiliate programs no matter the size or location. Our Prepaid Visa/MasterCard Program offers an easy to use, easy to manage and highly convenient method of disbursement that is also highly cost effective and reliable. Available in multiple currencies, our card solution is perfect for global programs, and with low reload charges it can significantly reduce the foreign exchange costs that both organisations and recipients usually incur as well, reducing overheads for all participants.

With real-time, instant loading of funds affiliates and members have access to their earnings much quicker, which can have an effect on motivation and retention of participants too, and provide confidence to all involved in the program. In addition, participants can access their funds more conveniently, either by simply using the card for purchases or withdrawing cash at ATM machines everywhere, making the payment structure of any program a much less frustrating experience for new affiliates or members.




Our gift and incentive cards offer not just a secure method of delivering rewards, but increased brand awareness plus sales analytics for more efficient long term marketing.

Today gift programs and other incentive initiatives are a vital part of marketing, not only by the tangible reward for customers or clients, but with the ability to project brand influence through the program itself. However, off-the-shelf gift card and loyalty programs have been declining in popularity in recent years, as customers look for increased value and a more tailored approach to their needs. This is why we have developed our own program that offers a highly focused experience that allows your brand to strengthen and grow.

The days of a one size fits all approach are over, customers today are sophisticated and knowledgeable, and this is why we offer a bespoke solution for each of our clients that work to provide a service that fits the customer base and brand image of each organisation perfectly.

For both retail and leisure industries, our carefully constructed, tailor made programs offer not just a highly effective inducement for repeat or continued business for customers and clients, but an efficient, easy to manage solution that provides increased brand recognition and strengthens the core values of any organization. A quality program instantly adds to any associated brand, and so it is with our bespoke solutions, carefully designed to reflect the ideals and image of our clients and the vision they have.

Being bold and providing customers with the kind of incentives they value to strengthen brand loyalty is at the core of our gift and incentive programs, each solution tailored for our client’s needs



Security is essential for travellers, our prepaid chip and pin enabled card offers a complete solution for international travel. Multi-currency and convenient, it is the payment solution wherever you go.

In our digital world, the days of acquiring traveller’s cheques or converting large amounts of currency to carry throughout a journey overseas is gone. Today we have much more elegant solutions that are cost effective and much more convenient while adding significantly to any traveller’s security. Rather than physical currency, our solution makes use of modern secure electronic payment cards, available in several currencies for easy transport of funds and convenient access when in other countries.

Our solution utilises a secure electronic payment card, chip and PIN enabled to offer the widest range of features, that is available in Sterling, Euro or US Dollar currencies. It can be used to pay for goods anywhere that the Visa or MasterCard symbols are displayed, as well as through ATMs for currency withdrawal 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system features multiple wallets with truemulti-currency settlement capability on the card itself is coming on stream with the option for additional currencies such as AUD, NZD, JPY, ZAR, HKD, SGD, CAD, DKK, SEK, CHF, NOK and PLN.

Instant card loading and reduced currency conversion fees ensure that this cost effective solution is also extremely practical and provides a secure way to access local currency whenever you need it while abroad without the security risk of carrying physical funds of any kind.




With cash sales made illegal, our prepaid card solution provides a secure, flexible and convenient way to transfer funds to sellers in any scrap metal transaction.

Now that cash payments for scrap metal are illegal, the industry has needed to change how it handles funding quite significantly. We have developed a solution that is simple and cost effective for dealers, while being secure and convenient for customers.

Our new MasterCard or Visa prepaid bank card program has been developed with scrap merchants in mind, allowing you to issue prepaid cards in place of cash to any customer regardless of credit history. These cards can be loaded with the required cash amounts instantly and then issued to customers without anyone having to undergo credit checks or any type of referencing. Customers can withdraw the funds from any ATM in cash or spend the funds in stores or online just like any other Visa/MasterCard backed card.

As a leading bank agent ISO/MSP within the payments industry, we have vast experience and have been facilitating these types of prepaid card programs for over 7 years. The cards are reloadable and anonymous. You can purchase these cards in small batches ready to hand to customers in place of cash and if you wish, you can pass on the initial fees to the cardholder. By offering a user friendly solution for sellers, it encourages relationship building with sellers, the reloadable cards make repeat sales extremely easy to administer and reduces overheads for all parties. The lack of physical funds also enhances security for all parties in the transaction with easy management and control of the funding.




Loans delivered via a prepaid card provide flexible, convenient and instant funds for the client, and with real time adding of further funds, are excellent for generating repeat business.

Like many market sectors today, the loan and micro loan industry has become extremely competitive, driven by modern digital communications that have changed the market beyond recognition in less than a decade. With this intense competition comes a need for organizations to offer new ideas and a different approach that establishes brand strength and increases awareness and customer loyalty. Our secure electronic payment card solution achieves that economically and effectively, offering a range of benefits for both supplier and customer.

By paying loans onto a card through our solution, the cardholder can have instant access to their loans through any ATM, over the counter through any Visa/MasterCard bank or keep the funds on their card for usage at any retail or online location where Visa or MasterCard is accepted. These chip and PIN secure cards are versatile, can help control costs and assist with customer analytics for establishing new marketing directions. Furthermore, as the prepaid card can be reloaded in real-time at a future date, it ensures repeat business is a streamlined, convenient experience for customers and highly cost efficient for clients.

Cards can have prominent branding, helping to build and reaffirm the clients brand with its customers, engaging the image and ideals that the client is seeking to project. The program provides a comprehensive payment solution that is easily manageable for the client with significant extra benefits for customers, enhancing any service long term.