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Return On Investment

If you are an organisation seeking to enter the prepaid space you must have a clear idea of what you define as your critical success factors for the card program whether this be defined as a business process improvement that can be defined in financial terms, the creation of an additional revenue earning stream etc. It is important as an organisation that you create a business plan which clearly articulates the financial model that is required to sustain the operation and marketing activities of the card program and your competitive advantage within the market space.


The inclusion of a rewards scheme is a powerful tool to encourage the usage of the card by your members or customers. More and more companies that focus on the retail space are finding that the inclusion of a reward program is a mandatory requirement for the card program to be sustainable in light of market competition and consumer loyalty patterns. Rewarding your card holders for card usage and providing cashback redemption mechanism have proven to be highly successful.


The importance of being different is a key indicator of success in the prepaid space. Whether this is the introduction of a new level of functionality, a unique commercial model or improving upon an existing card scheme there must be a tangible asset that provides an observable level of competitive advantage. If your program is seen as just another “retail program” offering the same level of product, functionality and marketing message it is unlikely that the concept will be sustainable.

Data reporting is an intrinsic component of being able to measure the success of a program and provide detailed insight into key trends that could define further segments for exploration. As an organisation when your card program goes live it is essential to have a thorough data analysis acumen to ensure you are maximising on the data that is reported back from the card program on an ongoing basis.