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CCS Prepay is a Business to Business service provider, consulting in the area of prepaid debit card implementation strategies specifically across Europe, Middle East & African (EMEA) region, expanding into Asia Pacific and Latin America. As a world leading prepaid debit card management consultancy, CCS Prepay, provides opportunities for corporations to streamline their business processes through the provision of electronic payment solutions. Our Prepaid debit cards help corporations reduce costs associated with disbursing funds to employees, customers or members without boundaries.


CCS Prepay is a conduit for the issuance of prepaid bank cards. Working in partnership with BIN Sponsors, Payment Processors and Card Production Houses, CCS Prepay provides a near 100% turnkey solution to facilitate the marketing and distribution of prepaid bank cards. Our multi faceted solutions are made available through CCS Prepay’s relations with a broad base of Transaction Processors and Issuing Banks, which ensures that a wide range of opportunities across different regions of the globe can be met, seamlessly.


  • Building and maintaining strategic alliances with our banking and card processing partners, thereby providing client access to preferential operating terms.

  • Building and maintaining a strong client base, through whom we are able to bring diverse card programs to market.

  • Adopting a customer relationship management approach to ensure our clients are comfortable and see enhanced value in their relationship with all parties.

  • Ensuring that regulatory and compliance rules are observed with the deployment of card programs.